Thursday, August 12, 2010

So Is There Any Particular Reason Why You're Sitting In The Water Bowl, Human?

So it's 7:00 AM and you've just woken up - you're shuffling your way into the bathroom to do your business and start the day. You close the door and groggily turn on the water, take your clothes off, and climb in. Thirty seconds later, the door is flung wide open and in saunters a cat.

Or maybe you're trying to concentrate on the loo and suddenly you hear scratching noises on the door. Then it stops. A minute later, *SCRITCH SCRITCH*. Then nothing. Finally it's *SCRITCH SCRITCH SCRITCH SCRATCH SCRITCH SCRATCH SCRITCH SCRITCH MEOW SCRITCH SCRITCH* until you just give up and let them in, where they proceed to sit down right between your legs, peering up and watching you intently.

There are a lot of theories going around about why cats enjoy spending so much time with you in the bathroom. One popular explanation is that your cat is like a child and will only do more of whatever you don't want him to do. Tell a kid to stop flicking the light switch on and off? They'll do it more. Purposefully try to keep your cat out of the bathroom? No matter how hard or how long, they'll do whatever it takes to get on the other side of the door. Mr. Jingles has never let you tell him what to do and he's not about to start now.

Theory #2.

The one theory I can get behind is that your cat wants to understand you just as much as you want to understand him. When you sit on that white porcelain thing or immerse yourself in a tub of water, he really just doesn't get it.

In other words, he thinks you're a freak.

In a prior post, I commented on one of my cats chillaxin' in the litter box and I explained that this wasn't a typical behavior. They don't sit in their litter boxes, so why do we sit in giant water bowls? Cats don't like large bodies of water. The fact that you don't yell and screech and flail around every time you get in is a foreign concept to him.


  1. LOl Great post! Interesting thoughts on why cats want to be in the bathroom.

    Our Lola was always fastinated when anyone took a bath and would have to watch, sat on the side of the tub. That was until one day she slipped and fell in!

  2. I think it's like watching a train wreck. It's so awful, you just can't look away...

  3. Both my cats insist on coming into the bathroom with us. Salem even sits on the radiator or edge of the bathtub and watches me shower absolutely every time. Once I get out, he jumps in the tub and watches the last of the water drain out.

    I think they just love being around us 24/7 even if that means hanging out in the bathroom!

  4. That was a great story there. It sure is a wonder why my cat is like that...

  5. I think about this all the time. Whenever I take a bath, one of my cats sits at the edge of the tub and stares at me with an incredibly confused and concerned expression. I imagine he's wondering what the HELL I'm doing, willingly immersing myself in a giant tub of water.

  6. One of our cats sticks her paws under the crack of the door when your in their. The other one sits until you open the door, then they both tear down the hall like two kids caught doing something naughty.

    We have hardwood floors so the fatter one looks like Fred Flintstones when starting running, his feet scamper but he doesn't move..

  7. It's extremely simple: You are quite a captive audience when you're on the toilet. :) You certainly can't move until you're done, and hey, those hands could be scritching! :)

  8. Well, the closed door idea isn't it, at least not for my boys. I live alone, and the washing machine is kept in the bathroom, in the way of the door, so it seldom gets closed. I think mine just figure they can get attention then or something. One has even gotten into the habit of trying to jump up onto my lap when I'm trying to do my business.

  9. I took a bath last night, and several of The Crew called me a freak. Often Fleurp becomes very concerned about me when I take a shower. I think they forget I'm not a cat..